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Sake is a Japanese fermented beverage made from rice. With its rich heritage and delicate flavours, Sake holds a significant place in Japanese culture and culinary traditions, and its versatility allows it to beautifully complement a wide range of dishes.

Beginning with the celebration of World Sake Day on October 1st and continuing throughout the month of October 2023, some of UK's finest restaurants will be offering unique Sake and seafood pairings on their menu for customers to experience how Sake shines the brightest when paired with seafood.

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The Art of Sake

Sake is a fermented beverage made from rice, which is unlike almost any other type of alcohol. Sake has been developed through centuries of traditional craft and brewing techniques, and with its fifth taste "umami", it beautifully complements a wide range of dishes.

When paired with seafood, the depth and delicacy of Sake shines through. Our pairing guide provides details about each Sake's subtleties and offers guidance to achieve the most delectable pairing experience.

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The Perfect Pairing

Pairing Sake with seafood enhances the natural umami flavour of the dish, and offers an authentic and profound way to appreciate the essence of Sake. By bridging the worlds of cuisine and culture, you can explore the delicate harmony of Sake and seafood which aligns beautifully with Japanese culture and its philosophical values.

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Known as 'the drink of the gods' in Japan, Sake's diverse flavour profile and adaptable serving temperature make it an incredibly versatile choice to pair with any food, but the contrasting temperatures add another dimension to seafood especially.

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Often described as the 'the fifth taste', umami is the unique and deeply rich flavour experienced with certain foods and has been at the heart of Japanese cuisine for centuries.

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Explore our specially selected group of restaurants across the UK, who have each curated a range of unique Sake and seafood pairings - ensuring everyone can enjoy the perfect combination of umami flavours.

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