“SEAFOOD LOVES SAKE” Restaurant Campaign

27 January 2023 - 5 March 2023

You can find a variety of Sake and Seafood pairing combinations!

The campaign period for participating restaurants varies. Please refer to each restaurant's information for their participation dates.

Why sake and seafood?

About the compatibility of sake and seafood

What is Sake?

The synergy of umami in sake and seafood

Comparison of amino acid composition

Supplemental effect that covers the unpleasant odour of fish

One of the causes of raw seafood.

Sake covers the unpleasant odour of fish compared to white wine.

Sake to be drunk during meals

Participating Restaurants

With the advice from top sommeliers, chefs from these highly acclaimed restaurants have specifically chosen the best sake to pair with their signature dishes. You will be able to truly enjoy the splendid combination of sake and seafood!

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