MICHELIN - MICHELIN Recipe | Shellfish salad, oysters, sea urchins and sake with chef Sylvestre Wahid

Sylvestre Wahid, former chef of Sylvestre, a 2-Star restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide 2020, shares the secrets of his shellfish salad, oysters, sea urchins and sake. Through this creative recipe, Chef Wahid is looking for the perfect balance between the freshness of sake and the muted saltiness of the sea. By pairing the dish with sake, the chef amplifies the umami flavor naturally present in seafood. Discover the wonder of Chef Wahid’s recipe, and listen as he recounts his career as a cook during the discussion. #MICHELINGuideRecipe #SeafoodAndSake #UnlockYourPalate Find the details of the recipe: https://guide.michelin.com/fr/fr/article/features/une-recette-inattendue-salade-de-coquillage-huitres-oursins-et-sake-par-sylvestre-wahid

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