Unlock Your Palate

Have you discovered a new taste recently?

Have you tried seafood and sake?

It's an amazing, unexpected taste of harmony.

Sake's rich umami note enhances the flavor of seafood

keeping out fishy odors to give you the clean, natural flavors of the sea.

The best harmony comes from seafood and Sake.

Unlock your palate.


Restaurant Unlocked

Have you ever imagined paring your food and drink choices by umami?

At this restaurant, you can see how your choice of alcohol can enhance umami in food.

Perhaps you can find a better combination of flavors than the one you chose at random.

Selected Recommendations

If you consider umami, you will find many new food and sake pairings.

Introducing 12 selected recommendations out of 175 combinations.

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Enjoy the Restaurant UNLOCKED pairings from the restaurant takeout menus.

About Sake

10 TIPS to help you learn more science sake: the alcohol that extracts umami.

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